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Some believe you must choose between an online broker and a wealth management firm. At WFT Group, you don’t need to compromise. Whether you invest on your own, with an advisor, or a little of both — we can support you.

DAX30 on CFD For Beginners

Explore the benefits of trading CFDs on the famous DAX30 Index, learn how it functions, add a winning strategy to your trading plan, and more!

How to Scalp The DAX30?

Discover how to scalp the DAX30 index. Learn a useful DAX scalping strategy, with a detailed step by step guide of how to perform it.

Why trade with WFT Group?

WFT Group is best for forex and CFD traders who want a wealth of choices in trading markets. Their range of forex pairs and the ability to trade equity indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and futures set them above competitors in the space.

  • Direct Market Access (DMA)
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • T+0 settlement
  • Dividends paid in cash
  • Free from UK Stamp Duty
  • Short selling available
  • Commissions from 0.08%
  • Access to 1500 global shares

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Name Initial Deposit
Apple Inc CFD 10%
Alibaba CFD 10%
Facebook CFD 10%

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